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Provo Physical Therapy ClinicProvo Physical Therapy Clinic
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Unique rehab specialization: Dr. Knudsen is a chronic pain rehab expert; 95% of his patients suffer from chronic pain originating from spinal disorders and myofascial syndromes.

30 min or more of skilled treatment per visit: Dr. Knudsen typically schedules only two patients per hour, a rarity for physical therapy in Utah Valley.  Some clinics schedule 8 to 12 patient per hour for one physical therapist (which means... after you see the physical therapist during the first visit, you mayl only be seen by students who have no formal training during subsequent visits.)

Unique rehab interventions: Dr. Knudsen is the only physical therapist in Utah using rehabilitative ultrasound imaging to diagnose muscle impairments and to provide biofeedback during specific muscle training.  Dr. Knudsen has developed innovative soft tissue healing techniques, and with these new techniques only known to Dr. Knudsen (he plans to teach the methods to PTs in the future) his patients are getting outstanding results!

Dramatic Outcomes: Our rehab program helps patients even where other treatments have failed.  We consistently get positive comments and testimonials from patients.

Objective tests and measures: Dr. Knudsen identifies myofascial problems and then delivers individualized, highly-precise treatment during one-on-one sessions.

Innovative treatment techniques: Dr. Knudsen utilizes “cutting-edge” technology and evidence-based interventions.  Dr. Knudsen received a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree then studied with rehab experts in USA, Canada, and Australia.

Provo Physical therpay Clinic

Howard A. Knudsen, PT
Independent Doctor of Physical Therapy
Advance expertise in use of real-time ultrasound imaging for motor control assessment and exercise prescription.  Certified provider of ASTYMTM treatment. 

Our clinic is located at:
Jamestown Square, Entrance IV, Walker Bldg
3585 North University Avenue, Suite 100
Provo, UT 84604

Location Map

Voice: 801-310-0851
Toll Free: 888-562-7914
Fax: 801-805-6543

P. S. Do you have a question about some aspect of your back or neck pain? Contact me online, and I will get back to you promptly.

Or, better yet, call us now to set up an appointment (801) 310-0851 local call or 888-562-7914 toll-free in the USA and make an appointment.  We look forward to meeting you!


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